Menham Entertainment DJs and MC's can cater for all musical tastes. Whether you love dance, pop, or soul, we have the right DJ / MC for your event.


Menham Entertainment is a select group of dedicated and professional DJs / MC's who have built up their reputation in party venues all across the South West. Each DJ & MC has the skill's to encourage a party atmosphere at any event.  

Scott is the Head DJ / MC and MD of the company, he has been DJing for over 7 years. Scott self taught himself the ropes of DJing from a very young age. Scott Specializes in DnB, Club Classics And Chart Hits he can skill-fully mix live to create a truly bespoke playlist.

DJ Scotty Menham

TIGZ [Tyler Allen]

Tyler is a DJ and a very skilled Music producer. He produced his first piece of music when he was 14 and recently posted Wavey. Tyler self taught himself how to DJ when he was around 15. Tyler specialises in DnB, club classics, chart hits, urban and RnB music to create an indelible mix.

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