Tyler is a DJ and a very skilled Music producer. He produced his first piece of music when he was 14 and recently posted Wavey.



Hello, I'm Tyler, I'm a DJ and Drum and Bass specialist. I've loved making and mixing music from a young age.


I joined the Menham Entertainment team in April 2020 from there I've promoted my sound cloud and gained a large amount of followers and built a very large audience. I live stream 2-3 times a week to my audience on Facebook via the Menham Entertainment Facebook page.

I produce mixes and remixes of popular tracks adding my own twist to them. I work hard on my music sometimes spending up to 3 weeks on a track to make sure its perfect quality for my audience to enjoy.

How I got into DJing - On New Years Eve back when I was 14 I was sat listening to Macky-Gee i thought to my self what if i created my own drum and bass then became the birth of wavey my own song. I never posted it until just recently and I've seen the views and likes grow on this piece of art that i created a few years prior.


Following this i reached out to a few DJs asking if they could play my song in the clubs and they said yeah and that's where my passion for music was born.


After the madness of my songs being played in the biggest night club in Swindon I reached out to Scott the Managing Director of Menham Entertainment and asked if he could play a few of my songs on his Facebook live streams, he agreed to do so.


Scott would later that week play my songs live and the audience love it. Following on from this Scott kindly asked my to do a live for him to which I agreed to do so stating "Id Love to" and the live reached over 800 people, i was blown away with support and it became apparent that people really wanted to here me DJ more so here i am ready to come SPICE your event up with some crazy tunes, club classics and DnB.

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